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    Release of sold-out Incantatie IV

    The sold-out double-CD of Incantatie IV by Dutch minimal composer Simeon ten Holt, will be re-issued in 2014 by Brilliant Classics. The live-recording from 1999 of this composition is performed by Sandra and Jeroen van Veen and Tamara Rumiantsev. For many years this recording was only available in a downloadable format from the ITunes store. Fans of Simeon ten Holt can add another album now to their collection. Presumably to be released in the first half of 2014. For more information see: http://www.simeontenholt.com/

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    Unknown Violin Sonata recorded

    On Saturday October 19, I was at Concertstudio Middelburg to record an unknown Violin and Piano Sonata with Serbian-American violinist Aleksandra Maslovaric. At present the recording company prefers we do not yet publish the name of this unknown sonata, composed by a 20th century Dutch women-composer. It is an interesting sonata, written in a German, Brahmsian idiom that shows true craftsmanship and inspiration of a woman that traveled around the world. Supposedly the recording will be released in February or March 2014.

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    Music Workshop for Teachers

    On Friday evening October 11, I gave a workshop for teachers of primary education. The workshop was part of the kick-off meeting of “Cultuureducatie met Kwaliteit” (Cultural education with Quality), held in Schiedam. During this kick-off several arts workshop were being held. After some singing, clapping and moving, energy levels went up and the teachers went home with some musical inspiration.

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    Training Artists for Innovation

    Together with Willemijn Schellekens (design) and Erik van Duijvenbode (dance), I was invited to perform in a creative intervention at the Closing Conference of TAFI (Training Artists for Innovation) in Brussels, on April 9. The small room was packed with people from all around Europe and beyond and since they were all arts-related higher management and staff, we were thrilled with their enthusiastic response to our performance. For more information on TAFI: http://www.trainingartistsforinnovation.eu/

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    First Performance with 3-in-1

    On Friday-night March 1, we, Willemijn Schellekens (design), Erik van Duijvenbode (dance) and Tamara Rumiantsev (together “3-in-1”), performed at the opening of Erik’s new dance studio. We gave the audience an experience of sound, images and movements. The music I performed was by Simeon ten Holt (Canto Ostinato). Willemijn projected the images both on her installation and in the entire space, and Erik performed along with them.

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    The Power of Creativity

    What do we need in a society saturated with information, science and technology? Not more information, science and more technology, but creativity. This notice is not something new and original, but somehow the market is not overcrowded with artists offering creative workshops and training programs. Artists seem to live with a passion for their art, which keeps them inspired. Using the brain to imagine and visualize works of art and performances, opens doors that otherwise would stay closed. It is my conviction that the arts are more needed today than ever. Being involved with any arts discipline influences different brain areas at the same time. Learning music, singing and playing…

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    Interdisciplinary Project

    The idea of realizing an interdisciplinary performance has always launched a variety of ideas, thought and fantasies. However, once engaged in such a project, it turns out to be hard work to find ways to realize a performance of three arts disciplines: music, dance and design. In this project my partners are Willemijn Schellekens, Design and Erik van Duijvenbode, Dance. To start with we needed time, space and energy to understand each others disciplines. It is funny how working and engaging with other disciplines, helps to get a clearer focus of ones own discipline. At the moment, we are in the proces of working out the concept of a short…

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    Dancing Fingers, Moving Brain

    Om antwoorden te vinden op de vraag, hoe spelen we eigenlijk piano, zijn belangrijke invalshoeken beweging, ritme en hersenen. Is het wel effectief om met een nieuw stuk meteen achter de piano te beginnen, of kun je beter eerst het ritme voelen, ervaren, de beweging van de muziek begrijpen. Emile-Jacques Dalcroze hield zich 100 jaar geleden al met dit soort vragen bezit, omdat hij vond dat de conservatoriumopleiding niet het beste in studenten naar boven haalde. Ik vind het daarom zinvol zijn model en methode (Dalcroze Eurythmics) uitgebreid te bestuderen. Een belangrijke inspiratiebron om meer van beweging in muziek te leren begrijpen, is de dans. Dansers en choreografen zijn natuurlijk…

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    Benefietconcert in Gouda met Tania Kross

    Op 1 november as. vindt in de Goudse Schouwburg een benefietconcert plaats waar ik Tania Kross zal begeleiden aan de piano. Vanuit Stichting Concerts2Connect heb ik de Stichting Vrienden van het Groene Hart Ziekenhuis benaderd, en zij waren direct enthousiast over het voorstel een benefietconcert te organiseren. We zullen diverse songs van Bernstein uitvoeren, en een aantal bekende aria’s van onder andere Bizet, Rossini en Bellini. De opbrengst komt ten goede aan de kinderafdeling cardiologie en longgeneeskunde. Naast een diner, concert en masterclass zal ook een veiling onderdeel zijn van het programma om de omzet van de avond te verhogen. Het is een besloten evenement.

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